Packed Lunches

We recommend that all packed lunches include the following:

A portion of starchy food 
White or wholegrain bread, rolls, pitta bread or wraps, plain naan bread, bagels, cooked pasta, rice, noodles, couscous or potato as a salad. 

At least one portion of fruit and/or vegetable Fresh, frozen, canned or dried, these can all count towards 5-A-DAY. 
Vegetables: carrot, cucumber, pepper or celery sticks, tomatoes, grated carrot in sandwiches or wraps, sweetcorn, peas or pulses in salad. 
Fruits: sliced apple or melon, plums, grapes, strawberries, kiwi, satsumas, chunks of pineapple, or dried fruit. 

A portion of meat, fish, eggs, beans or other non-dairy sources of protein 
Sliced meat, chicken, fish, sliced egg in sandwiches, rolls or wraps, meat alternatives such as tofu or pulses like kidney beans and chickpeas in salads. 

A portion of milk or dairy foods
Yoghurt or fromage frais, cheese in sandwiches or wraps, whole milk (for children aged one to two) or semi-skimmed (for children aged two and over).