Behaviour Policy

Arrivals, Departures and Moving round the school 

Children are expected to enter school through their designated entrance only. Children will enter individually and will go straight to their designated room. At their designated home time, children will leave the building from their designated exit, one at a time. Movement around the school will be limited. When the children leave their classroom to go outside for break, lunch or outdoor learning, they will follow an adult from their class bubble on their designated route. 

Handwashing and Hygiene 

Children will be expected to follow all handwashing and hygiene routines while in school. Children will wash hands/use antibacterial gel before entering school, before and after eating and at regular intervals during the day. We ask children to follow the catch it, bin it, kill it, mantra when in school, if they need to cough or sneeze, they should use a tissue or crook of their arm. Tissues will be disposed of in a separate bin with a lid. Children will be reminded not to touch their face, mouth, nose or eyes while at school. Should a child refuse to follow these routines, disciplinary procedures and sanctions will be used (see below). 

Social Distancing 

Adults will be expected to socially distance from other adults in school. When children enter their bubble, they will be expected to go straight to their table and nowhere else in the room. Children will put their hand up if they need an adult’s support, they will not get out of their seats. 


Each bubble will have designated times to use the toilets. Children will be encouraged to use the toilets (no more than two at a time). (This may not always be possible with younger children). When a child has finished in the toilet they must wash their hands, following the 20 second rule.

Break and Lunch times 

Children will have a designated place to play during break and lunch times. They will have their own equipment. Children must stay in their designated area at all times. Lunch will be eaten in their classrooms or the hall. Children will eat at their table or in their own space in the hall. They will not get out of their seats. Children will have packed lunches or a school lunch which will be brought to them in their classroom or hall. 


Trackit Lights electronic behaviour logging system will be used from September 2020. Members of staff will record rewards on the tracking system via the screens in the classrooms. All staff welcome opportunities to praise individuals for good work, attitude or good behaviour, and show recognition, if these are brought to their attention. Above all praise and encouragement should be used as much as possible. Walking through school to show their work to the Head Teacher or other adult for acknowledgement and praise during this time will not be permitted. Celebration assembly will not be permitted during this time. Instead pupils can still be nominated for a Head Teachers Award and this will be celebrated and shared weekly in their class bubble. Pupils are chosen to show off excellent learning or celebrate excellent learning attitudes and/or behaviours. These pupils are awarded a Head Teachers Award and certificates will be sent home to share with parents/careers. The Headteacher will do a virtual meeting weekly to congratulate the children for their hard work. 


Class based consequences
Trackit Lights electronic behaviour logging system will be used from September 2020. Members of staff will record consequences on the tracking system via the screens in the classrooms. If a child demonstrates inappropriate behaviour, the child will be given a red card and have a consequence of missing their playtime, or part of their playtime (depending on the age of the child). The child will stay with their bubble (and stay with the adult on duty.) 

School based consequences 
If a child’s behaviour is deemed high risk, for example, refusing to adhere to safety measures, such as: hand washing, remaining in their bubbles or deliberate behaviours that put themselves or others at risk, such as spitting or deliberately coughing at people, the teacher will send for assistance using Teams or seeking assistance from a member of staff. Alternatively if there is another member of staff with the group, the teacher could withdraw the child from the group. The following sanctions and disciplinary procedures could be used: 
  • Referral to Headteacher/Senior Leader 
  • If Parents/Carers called to collect child from school where a risk assessment deems it is unsafe for them to remain on site – this is used as a last resort 
  • Immediate swap from onsite education offer to online/virtual education offer 
  • Fixed term exclusion 
  • Permanent exclusion 
If a child’s behaviour is deemed high risk, a risk assessment will be drawn up before returning to school, to plan appropriate steps. This will be shared with the parents/careers. 

Positive Handling & Restraint 

There can be times when a pupil’s behaviour requires staff physical support to ensure the pupils’ own safety, the safety of other pupils and staff, or that property is not seriously damaged. This can require the use of physical interventions. At Sandringham Primary School we use Team Teach to do this. We would avoid using restraint if at all possible. In the case of a child being at risk, putting others at risk or damaging property the child’s parents or carers will be called and asked to pick up their child immediately. The situation will then be reviewed by the Headteacher and a decision of whether the onsite education offer will be withdrawn in favour of the online/virtual offer if this is deemed safer for all pupils and staff. Where a child may need very close contact it is imperative that parents know that the use of PPE where appropriate WILL be used to help avoid cross contamination or any potential virus spread. 

Pupil’s working from home 

If interacting with other pupils or staff online, students should always be kind and respectful to each other and respectful to staff, remembering at all times that that staff are not ‘friends’ with, or peers to, pupils. Students should never attempt to contact staff via social media or make comments about staff on social media platforms. Any inappropriate comments to staff online, via email, or any other platform will be taken very seriously and could result in a referral to the police. This is also the case for any online bullying towards other pupils or peer-on-peer abuse that is disclosed to the school during this time.