Our expectations

Your child's attendance at school is extremely important. We aim for all children to have 100% attendance and expect at least 96%.

How we try to secure good attendance

To encourage good attendance we:
  • have a weekly class competition in each building;
  • award a cup to the class with the best attendance;
  • have special events for children who have 100% attendance for each term;
  • encourage children who need to improve their attendance by involving parents and families in attendance plans;
  • celebrate attendance weekly, half termly, termly and annually.
Below are some pictures from recent celebrations:

What happens if we are concerned about your child's attendance

Where children's attendance is a concern, we will try to address this in a number of ways:
  • we will write to you so that you are aware that their attendance is a concern;
  • if attendance continues to be a concern we will ask you to meet with us to see how we can support an improvement in your child's attendance;
  • the local authority may become formally involved;
  • in cases of very poor attendance, the local authority may recommend legal action.