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Year 4 news & notices

'It's all Greek!'

posted 1 Feb 2017, 13:01 by Natasha Jenkinson   [ updated 1 Feb 2017, 13:01 by Chris Metcalfe ]

Year 3 had a great day at the museum!
All the children were brilliant from start to finish, and coped very well with the walk!

While at the museum we all had the opportunity to explore the museum and learn more about the Ancient Greeks!. We all dressed up (even the teachers! - due to democracy), had a chance to handle replica artefacts, learn more about the Olympic Games and geometry! An extra highlight was learning about the military and trying on amour!


We now look forward to our Greek Day in school, we can't wait to see you all dressed up again!

Merry Christmas From The Year 3 Team

posted 12 Dec 2016, 08:39 by Sandringham School   [ updated 26 Jan 2017, 07:21 by Chris Metcalfe ]


posted 16 Sep 2016, 04:59 by Natasha Jenkinson   [ updated 16 Sep 2016, 04:59 by Chris Metcalfe ]

Year 3 will have weekly spellings linked with our focused spelling rules. These will be given out on a Monday and there will be a spelling test on a Friday. Children will be given the opportunity to practice in school, but we encourage further practise at home.

This weeks spellings are; waving, running, talked, hopped, searches, looks, disagree, disobey, unhappy and untie.


posted 16 Sep 2016, 04:23 by Natasha Jenkinson   [ updated 16 Sep 2016, 04:23 by Chris Metcalfe ]

In year 3 we expect children to read at home at least 3 times a week. To reward children for their efforts at home they will make a journey through the different planets and earn a reward at the end of the term. To encourage good quality reading and questioning we would like you to ask your child questions when they are reading.

Here are some question ideas you could use when reading with your child:

    · Can you explain something that happened at a specific point during the story?

    · Predict what you think is going to happen next. Why do you think this?

    · How is the main character feeling at the start, middle or end of the story? Why do they feel that way? How do you know? Does this surprise you?

    · Why has an author chosen a particular word choice?

    · How has the text been organised? What layout features have been used?



Times Tables

posted 16 Sep 2016, 04:19 by Natasha Jenkinson   [ updated 16 Sep 2016, 04:20 by Chris Metcalfe ]

In the new National Curriculum by the end of Year 4 children should know all of the times table up to 12 x 12. Therefore, in Year 3 we will be revising the 2, 5 and 10 times tables and learning the 3, 4 , 8 and 9 times tables. Extra practise at home will ensure children are times tables experts!



posted 16 Sep 2016, 04:03 by Natasha Jenkinson   [ updated 16 Sep 2016, 04:03 by Chris Metcalfe ]

All children will require their PE kit. This should be a white top and black/navy shorts. The children will need trainers for outdoor sports and as the weather gets colder a jumper and jogging bottoms are recommended. The correct kit is important for health and safety! 

Although Year 3 days are Tuesday and Wednesday, we advise children to bring their PE kit on a Monday and take it home on a Friday as sometimes the timetable can change and PE kit may be needed on a different day.


Home Learning

posted 16 Sep 2016, 03:49 by Natasha Jenkinson   [ updated 16 Sep 2016, 05:07 by Chris Metcalfe ]

This term we are continuing to use our ‘take-away menu’ approach to home learning. These home learning tasks are all linked to our Mighty Metal topic. We would like you to choose a different task to complete each week. There are 10 task and 6 weeks, so you do not have to compete every single one, so choose your favourites! The hand in dates are:

·            Wednesday 14th September

·         Wednesday 21st September

·         Wednesday 28th September

·         Wednesday 5th October

·         Wednesday 12th October

·         Wednesday 19th October

    Your child’s home learning logs will be given out each half term. Homework should be returned each week on Wednesday. Return dates will always be given on challenge. Challenges will range from reading, writing, maths, topic and creative. Some challenges are open ended to allow for ownership of learning. If your child does not complete their home learning on time they will be expected to complete it in their own time, during playtime. If the homework requires use of the internet (and you do not have access at home) there will be time available after school for you to come with your child to access the resource in school.


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