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Summer Term Learning in Nursery

posted 4 Jun 2017, 06:57 by Sally Faulkner   [ updated 4 Jun 2017, 06:57 by Chris Metcalfe ]

The Train Ride by June Crebbin

School-Learning for the next Half-Term

Communication and Language

Talking about the journeys we have made in the holidays, and the different sorts of transport we have travelled on.

Exploring the seaside- Talking about the holidays to come, and re-creating the seaside in our learning.

Going to the seaside café to order lunch, teas, ice-creams etc.


Physical Development

P.E- Exploring the different ways we can travel on our feet. Getting ready for Sports Day.

Letter formation, how to write their name correctly.


Personal Social and Emotional Development

Playing cooperatively in the café and on the train. Taking it in turns to be the driver, to sell the tickets, and make the food.



The Train Ride by June Crebbin – retelling and acting it out and role-playing going on a train.

Exploring Rhyme and alliteration.

Jolly Phonics, learning Jolly-Jingles that match the sounds of the alphabet. These can be found on-line.



Using money- making, writing, buying and selling tickets to use on the train. Going to the seaside café to order lunch, teas ice-creams etc. Recording numbers and amounts.

Maths-Writing numbers. Counting wheels. Adding wheels from two vehicles to see how many wheels altogether.

Recording time- Learning o’clock to find out when the train leaves and when the café opens.


Understanding the World

Construction- building train tracks and routes to the seaside.

Drawing maps to show how we can travel to the seaside.

Discovering life at the seaside -rock pools.


Expressive Arts and Design

Printing patterns recording rolling and travelling across paper.

Exploring rhythm, sound, volume and speed in music and percussion to tell the story.

Travelling songs- The Wheels on the bus/train


Home-Learning for the Holiday

We are looking forward to our Summer Holidays, going on journeys, and maybe going to the seaside

Here are some holiday ideas to record in your Child’s Magic Moments book.

·         Talk to your child about any plans you may have for the summer or talk about a holiday you may have already taken. Talk about how you got there /will get there.

·         Try to take a journey on a bus or train. Talk about the things you see and what it was like.

·         Take a trip to the seaside. Please bring back lots of seaside things from the beach to show.

·          Record any journeys you have made by drawing a picture, sticking in a ticket, or by drawing a map of your journey.

·         Record your favourite holiday moments with pictures, collages and photos.


Creative Homework

Please help your child make a model of a car, boat, bus, plane, train, rocket or balloon to show their friends at school.

We look forward to seeing your child’s lovely learning, their book and model after the holiday.

Many thanks,

Mrs Faulkner