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PE afternoon - Friday 9th October

posted 9 Oct 2020, 03:27 by Melanie Cokeham
We would have been having the sports coaches in school this afternoon so I thought it would be nice for you to get active at home too. Here are some activities you could try in your garden. Remember while we are all self-isolating we can't go anywhere but our gardens. I am sorry that means some of you will be missing football, basketball, and trips out this weekend. It is only for this weekend though and by Thursday we will all be allowed out and back to school! If it does rain try a Joe Wicks session, a few go Go Noodle videos or a Cosmic Yoga session. I shared some this morning but feel free to try different ones. There are lots available on YouTube. When you have finished pop a post to let me know what you tried or if you were quicker than your family members. Or even a picture of your obstacle course to inspire others. Enjoy!
Melanie Cokeham,
9 Oct 2020, 03:27