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Monday 12th October - Maths lesson

posted 12 Oct 2020, 02:56 by Melanie Cokeham
Hi Here is our Maths lesson for today. It is continuing with mental addition strategies but we will look at this one on a number line before being able to use it mentally to calculate using larger numbers.

Monday Maths Round and Adjust.mp4

Watch the video and then have a go at the tasks. Page 1 - This is if you are feeling wobbly with it. Here is a little more about the strategy if you would like - Page 2 - Here are the questions if you are feeling more confident and jump straight to this task if you are feeling confident. Page 3 - Gold challenge - Create a story to go with your number line calculation. Have a go and share your answers with me. Just shout if you need any more help.
Melanie Cokeham,
12 Oct 2020, 02:56