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History - Wednesday 14th October

posted 13 Oct 2020, 23:57 by Melanie Cokeham
Over the last week, you have found facts about what life was like for children, women, and soldiers during WWII. I would like you to use your learning to write a letter to send back home to a loved one. You could be a child writing to your parents while you are evacuated to Wales. You could be a woman writing back to her husband who is a soldier on the front line, telling how different life is at home. You could be a soldier writing home to his family about life on the front line. You could be a pilot or a soldier on foot. The letter you decide to write about is your own choice. However, please make sure you include a greeting to the person you are writing to, facts about your experiences and your own thoughts and feelings in your role as a child/a woman or a soldier, and questions to them so that you would receive a reply. I can't wait to read your letters. Think creatively about how you could present your letter, remember you wrote it in the 1940s. What equipment would they have used? What would it look like now? Maybe we could put some on display when we return to school as they will be a great example of your learning while you have been at home.