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Hi Dove Class

posted 7 Oct 2020, 13:03 by Louise Sutton

I know how much Mrs Cokeham must be smiling because I am and remember we do seem to have similar thoughts.

I know I’m not your class teacher but you are all really just as important to me as I know you are to Mrs Cokeham and I have loved seeing the great start many of you have made.

I love the strike it out game and I’m going to give that a good. I’m also going to try the soundscape for myself: I’m going to record some sounds and see if you can guess what I have used and what they represent, so look out for that quiz! I’m also looking forward to reading fireweed and thinking more about Bills character. I am also looking forward to doing some creative writing when I’ve chosen one of the pictures Mrs Cokeham has put on for you. 

Have a great day tomorrow and I can’t wait to read and see more responses, you won’t need me for coaching the way you’re going! 

Well done Doves, I’m super proud of you. You’ve got this! That includes Mrs Cokeham too, who I know has been extra busy making sure you’ve got your activities for learning at home. What a great team I’m so proud to be a part of. 

Mrs S x