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Happy Monday

posted 12 Oct 2020, 00:23 by Melanie Cokeham
Good morning everyone.

How are you all? How was your weekend at home? Joe loved it and spent the time mainly in his pyjamas.  

Here is what Monday looks like:
Morning task
Assembly - I wanted to this week's new learning character as I think we will all need it through this week. It will be a video. 
Spelling test - Applying the ed suffix rules from last week. It will be a video like before.
English - There is the starter task and then the main activity which is a comprehension task today. 
Maths - A close look at a mental maths strategy with some questions for you to solve. It will be a video. 
History - How did life change for women during WWII? 

Remember if you have any problems or any questions please send me an email or a message on SeeSaw. 

Have a great day!! 
Mrs Cokeham 

A little bit for grown-ups - This week teachers are due to make calls about how pupils have settled into school so when I give you a call to see how you all are I will include that in the call. I hope that is ok? If you have a specific time that you would like me to call then please let me know. When we go back to school, the children will select pieces of learning that they are proud of to be able to share with you via SeeSaw.