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English lesson - Friday 9th October

posted 9 Oct 2020, 02:13 by Melanie Cokeham
Here is our English lesson for today, it is continuing our work on diary writing. We will be focusing on just the opening. 

You will need a pen and paper. There are a number of times when you need to pause the video and have a go. 

Friday English lesson.mp4

Unfortunately, the videos I have tried to share did not come onto your screen - I will keep practising and learning new tricks. Here are the links for the videos to watch to help with your writing 
WWII Plane Crash part 1 -  
You only need a couple of seconds

VE Day: How people celebrated - 
You only need the first minute 

Once you have had a go with the four tasks take a picture of your work and send it in. 
1. Sentences with conjunctions - correctly punctuated!
2. The opening from your diary from Wednesday
3. The opening of a diary if your friend had been injured
4. The opening of a diary if you were part of the VE day celebrations. 

Remember - I take pride in all my work!

Happy writing and I can't wait to read your responses.