Snow Day Fun!

posted 14 Jan 2021, 03:36 by Natasha Jenkinson   [ updated 14 Jan 2021, 03:37 ]
While on your snowy walk today can you make footprint patterns in the snow?

Look at the patterns on the soles of the shoes and wellingtons, what do they look like? How will they make patterns when walking in the snow!
You can make lots of different patterns in the snow, you could stand with two feet together and then one foot, then two etc. Or you could walk around in a circle or a zig zag!

Send us in pictures of your snowy footprints and fun in the snow, we love to see what you have been up to!

You could also have a go at guessing who has left these snowy footprints!

Natasha Jenkinson,
14 Jan 2021, 03:37