Music Lesson

posted 13 Oct 2020, 14:36 by Louise Sutton
Chameleons! You have done such an amazing job with your first music lesson! You have remembered those terms beat and rhythm well and I could see from all your faces how much you were concentrating! Thank you so much for being the first to try out my video lesson and to send me your outcomes. I really can't wait to see how you get on next week too!

I told Mrs Smithard it was really strange seeing you in the Y2 classroom but I can really see how well you have settled into Year 2 and I know now how ready you are for your Y2 music lessons, even if I can't get into your classroom yet to deliver them in person. You have made me smile from ear to ear and my husband thought I was crying... I had tears of joy watching how well you had engaged and gotten on. Mrs Galloway will be really pleased with your dance moves when I speak to her. The roar was the best! 

Good luck next week, but I know you will be awesome!

Mrs S xx