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Song Writing

posted 27 Mar 2020, 03:02 by Louise Sutton   [ updated 27 Mar 2020, 03:02 by Chris Metcalfe ]
Those of us from Years 5 and 6 who have been working hard in school have started to write some lyrics for a song. We thought it would be nice to share it with you and would love your thoughts or any changes you think we could make to any of the vocabulary used. Maybe you can come up with a better rhyming word? Maybe you can be more expressive with some the lyrics? Then we will look at providing some accompaniment and hopefully look at getting it recorded with Higher Rhythm! 

The song follows a theme: What we expected Spring to be like; What we have instead; What's to come.

See what you think and email us with your ideas or any changes!

 Section 1:

In March 2020 we were filled with cheer, 
As Spring was soon to be here.
Yellow sun, daffodils bloom, daisies sprout. Oh...
Watch the vast change come about!

(Slightly Faster)

To see you, that was my around the year goal,
All of the cheer that I felt within my soul,
That would be good, we couldn't wait
But instead the world ended up in a state.


Life is so different, 
who would have thought it would have been this way...
From the fun and games to the fear and flames
We're now in our houses all day long
Which is why we've written this song.... 
 Section 2:

Fear sweeps the nation
Schools close, people panic
Life-changing Covid-19
Spring is not as we know it.


Sadness spreads with death all over the universe,
Where are the squirrels? Where is the happiness?
Oh we won't take for granted, those things so small,
Now the shelves are empty and there's nothing at all. 

Silence on the roads, emptiness all over the world
Panic ensues, terror follows, as a flu-like virus spreads.
The time to fight, survival of the fittest, 
Oh me, Oh my Prime Minister Johnson we need your help!

 Section 3:

This virus will soon be a mystery
and the event will only be known in history
Feeling thankful, relieved one and all
We battled, we fought, together we stood tall

Hugs and kisses, families reunited, we won!
Friendships renewed, we appreciate the things we should!


We live to tell our tale, we live to sing our song
As the coronavirus fought and now is gone
Lives were lost, lessons to be learnt, we are no longer in pain 
But we'll know never to take for granted those little things again.