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Sandringham's Got Talent

posted 13 Jul 2020, 10:44 by Louise Sutton   [ updated 13 Jul 2020, 10:44 by Chris Metcalfe ]

I've been smiling from ear to ear all day today, as more and more entries have come through for our Sandringham's Got Talent. I've even had entries from some children who sit really quiet in our performing arts lessons!! It's been lovely to see the confidence...maybe we should do more things virtually, as its been so lovely to find some hidden talents, that I didn't know many of you had! I am already excited about being able to teach you again, and see how much you've grown, and developed and really looking forward to helping you ooze in confidence, once we can start our performing arts lessons again.


So if you haven't already it's not too late to send your entry in - I've had singing, dancing, instrumental playing and even some music skills related 'work' - keep sending them in, you have until 12pm on Wednesday, then look out on the blog for the winners, who will get certificates and a prize!