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Instrumental Lessons- Guitar, Violin, Clarinet

posted 8 Sept 2020, 12:17 by Louise Sutton
Just a plea to those of you who play a musical instrument in school....Your parents have received an email with a letter asking if you would like to continue your lessons again this year. I am sorry your lessons were cut short last year and that we didn't get to do all our concerts but I am hoping we can make up for it as we move through the school year!

Please ask your grown up to check their email and send the reply slip back or just email me: if you would like to continue with your instrumental lessons by Friday. (I really hope you do!)

If you don't send me an email I will assume you don't want to carry on with your lessons.

If you decide you don't want to, that makes me sad but it is perfectly ok, but you will need to bring your violin and clarinet back to school please.
Louise Sutton,
8 Sept 2020, 12:17