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Calling Clarinetists!

posted 13 Apr 2020, 05:46 by Louise Sutton   [ updated 13 Apr 2020, 05:46 by Chris Metcalfe ]
If you go into the performing arts section of the home learning activities you will find a clarinet lesson. Each week I am going to put a lesson on that won't last more than 10 minutes. I thought we would start by learning to play 'Part of your World' from the Little Mermaid. I have put a copy of the sheet music on for you too. I will create a soundtrack this week so that you can play it to some accompaniment - I'm sure your families will be really impressed with your playing. As I would like you to focus on playing and technique the notes are written on the music so you don't have to worry about being able to read the music at the moment - besides it will soon start to come to you, as you go through these lessons anyway. Please email me videos of you playing it!

Who would be interested in some live lessons? Email me and let me know and we can look at doing some virtual lessons where I will be able to see and hear you instantly and give you some feedback. 

Looking forward to hearing from you 

Mrs S