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posted 16 Sep 2016, 04:23 by Natasha Batty   [ updated 16 Sep 2016, 04:23 by Chris Metcalfe ]

In year 3 we expect children to read at home at least 3 times a week. To reward children for their efforts at home they will make a journey through the different planets and earn a reward at the end of the term. To encourage good quality reading and questioning we would like you to ask your child questions when they are reading.

Here are some question ideas you could use when reading with your child:

    · Can you explain something that happened at a specific point during the story?

    · Predict what you think is going to happen next. Why do you think this?

    · How is the main character feeling at the start, middle or end of the story? Why do they feel that way? How do you know? Does this surprise you?

    · Why has an author chosen a particular word choice?

    · How has the text been organised? What layout features have been used?