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Victorian School Day

posted 18 Oct 2016, 06:59 by Laura Sunley   [ updated 24 Jan 2017, 08:51 by Chris Metcalfe ]

On Wednesday 9th of November we are having a Victorian School Day. Pupils will experience just what a school day was like on the Victorian times- chanting times tables, working on chalk boards, reciting important quotes, girls sewing lessons, boys woodwork lessons etc.
We ask that pupils come dressed appropriately. You can get involved as much as you like. Boys can simply wear skirts and a blouse and boys could come with their  shirt tucked in and their trousers rolled up or you could explore even more traditional options:

-Boys would wear a waistcoat or jumper under their jacket.

-Some boys wore a cap or even a bowler type hat, but these would not be worn indoors.

-The most prominent feature of the schoolgirl was the white cotton apron, often trimmed with lace

-The normal schoolgirl dress would be knee length and be of a dark cotton or woollen material, often black and would be worn with long black stockings.

-The shoes would be flat and boot like.

-They may have won a bonnet, especially on special days, but often they just had their head uncovered, often wearing white ribbons in the hair.

The pupils will have a fantastic day and we will post some pictures for you to admire.

Thanks for your support

Mrs Sunley and Mrs Porter 

Here are a few pics from our day: