What would you like to share about lockdown?

posted 10 Jun 2020, 00:23 by Melanie Cokeham
Good morning all,

I hope you are all well?

Yesterday, Mr Campbell, Mrs Sutton and I were busy talking about next week when hopefully some of you will be back in school. One of our ideas for Monday is to share and talk about things that we have done during lockdown. You have seen lots of mine on the blog and some of you have been great at sending things in for us to see and to share. We would like more. We are asking you to email in things you want to share on the blog or on the big screen next week to be able to talk to your bubble friends about. When we return to school we wont be able to bring things in from home to share but anything that we have had emailed in we can share in class. So remember to email in your favourite lockdown highlights. You could have discovered new skills or completed new projects, we want to see and hear what you have been busy getting up to. 

Here are some photos that Lily Mae has sent in of her garden project that she shared with us in April and May when it first got started. I think you will all agree it looks fab and that Lily and her Mum have done a brilliant job. I want a fairy garden of my own. 

What would you like to share with us? Use Year6@sandringham.school to tell us all about your lockdown moments. 

You may be wondering what I meant by 'bubble friends' earlier in the post. When we return to school you will be in smaller groups than our normal eagle and dove class groups. The children returning will be split between three groups of between 12 and 15 children. These will be your new 'bubble friends' for our remaining time in school. We will stay together as one bubble throughout the school day. It is a way of keeping you safe and reducing the number of people you come into contact with. Our new bubbles will be known as red, green and blue. Watch out for your text message to tell you which bubble you will be part of. 

The Year 6 team are looking forward to welcoming you back into our new bubbles. 

Have a good Wednesday. 
Mrs Cokeham