The Last Week

posted 14 Jul 2020, 11:25 by Melanie Cokeham
Hi Everyone, 

How are you doing? 
It seems very strange to be saying it is the last week of the school year. I am sorry about all the things we have missed together this year and all the end of primary school experiences that you haven't managed to enjoy to the full. 
We have tried to plan some nice celebrations for your end of time at Sandringham Primary School and we hope that they will be new memories that can last a life time. 

1. Sandringham Year Book - Please make sure you have completed your page and returned it to the account by Wednesday 15th July at 6pm.  We will then email a copy out to you all on Friday. 
2. Leavers Virtual Assembly - Please make sure grown ups have sent contact details by Wednesday 15th July at 6pm.  So that instructions and invites can be sent out to you. We would love to see lots of you there. 
3. A few special things from us. 

3 more days to go!

Mrs Cokeham