Tasks ready for the end of year

posted 7 Jul 2020, 15:52 by Melanie Cokeham   [ updated 7 Jul 2020, 15:53 ]
Hi All

Mr Campbell and I have been bust planning new end of year activities for you. We are sorry it is not what we had planned for you, but hopefully we will still make it special for you all. 

Here are some activities that we would really like your help with so we can complete some end of year tasks for you. 

-        Complete a page for the Year Book - A template is provided with this letter to support pupils in completing a page that can be included in the Year Book, which will be sent to all pupils in Year 6 as a keepsake. By returning the completed page, you are giving permission for your child’s page to be included and for it to be shared with other members of the year group. Please complete and return the page by Monday 13th July.

-        Send in a first day of school photo – We would love to create a collage of pictures using first day of school photos and we have lots of them from during Year 6 that we can use. If you would like a picture to be included please email to Year6@sandringham.school by Monday 13th July.

-        Talent Show entry - We will be holding a talent show in school on the last day of term and we are inviting children still at home to send in their talent show entry from home. Judging will take place on the Friday afternoon, winners will be posted on the year group blog and then any prizes for those at home will be sent home in the post. We hope you will have a go and send in your entry via email to Year6@sandringham.school by Thursday 16th July.

We look forward to getting your emails. 
Thank you to those who have already sent them in. 

Mrs Cokeham 

Melanie Cokeham,
7 Jul 2020, 15:53