Sing Out Music Challenge

posted 18 Jun 2020, 12:17 by Louise Sutton

We should have been taking part in the Music Education Hub Singout event at The Dome yesterday and today. Alas that's obviously not to be so instead a special music challenge based around one of the songs has been set- 

To celebrate Sing Out this year, Core Artist Janet has created a special music challenge for you to try at home. Below you’ll find an introduction to the challenge from Janet, teaching you the lyrics to ‘Sing Out’. Core Artist Charlotte has also created some fantastic dance moves to go along with the song, which you can learn from the videos below! There are some resources to help you in the performing arts section of the website, including a lyric sheet, a pack of creative activities and the track for you to sing along with.

When you have learned the song and dance moves, we would like you to film yourself singing the ‘Sing, sing, sing out’ song and send in your film for us to make it part of a Sing Out Virtual Choir! You can find some helpful tips on how to create your film, and information on how to send it to us in the Sing Out Music Challenge resource at the top of this page. We can’t wait to see your films! - SIng out music challenge introduction with Janet - Learn the dance moves with Charlotte - Learn the dance moves with Charlotte with music