Mr Campbell's debut post.

posted 31 Mar 2020, 08:20 by Michael Campbell
It seems I've been letting Mrs Cokeham have all the fun with posting things on here. Time for me to put that right!

Hope everybody's keeping well. I've never washed my hands so frequently in my whole life. 

I was sent a nice idea by a friend that maybe you could all try. You write down on a post it note all of the little things we take for granted when things are all normal, then put it in a jar for us to do when things settle down again. The first things for me will be to go for a drink with my dad and then go and say hello to my brother's new dog. 

Otherwise I hope you're all reading lots of books. It's been great for me to have the chance to revisit some of my favourites. 

Stay safe,

Mr Campbell