It's the holidays!

posted 26 May 2020, 05:03 by Melanie Cokeham

I hope you are all well and enjoy time with your family over bank holiday.

It would be half term this week if we were at school so this week we have set lots of fun tasks in the 'Half term' folder. They are themed around having a staycation, getting ready for Father's Day in June and having time to relax. There are lots of tasks to get your creative juices flowing. 

Oak Academy have released an activity club for this week - If you want some more ideas. 

Joe and I have been super busy this morning creating a huge train city in the living room.
We are adding playmobil lands to it and then we will turn it into a holiday destination to create our own staycation idea. 

Take care and have a great half term. 

Mrs Cokeham