Holiday fun

posted 27 May 2020, 23:10 by Melanie Cokeham
How are you all today? Been busy doing fun things this week? Managed to get out a little bit more now we are allowed out for more exercise? 

It's been super busy at the Cokeham house. On Tuesday Joe and I continued to be creative and built a rainbow mansion on Minecraft (Joe's new game - thank you for the top tips during phone calls Year 6) and assembled the start of Hogwarts. More to follow....

Yesterday, I completed my May 10km. Due to recovering from my ankle injury it was still a walk but this time I managed to walk the whole 10km (12km in total) in one go. Now to build back up the running and wait for my May medal to arrive. 

I picked this one to remember all the VE Day celebrations that have taken place this month and how different they were to the events people had planned. 
Have you signed up for a virtual medal yet? Easy to do online (there are lots) and a good way to get you motivated. 

I hope you all have a good Thursday! 

Mrs Cokeham