Hello to you all!

posted 26 Mar 2020, 02:29 by Melanie Cokeham

We hope you are all doing well and remembering to stay indoors?

How did you find last week’s tasks? Mr Metcalfe is busy setting up email addresses so you can send in any questions that you are not sure about. 

English and Maths tasks

For some tasks there are questions for you all to tackle; in others you can select from the one star, two star and three star challenge. Remember to challenge yourself and keep that brain working! Some sessions have the answers and feel free to mark your own. 

In school we have been busy making rainbows to decorate the outside of school to brighten up people’s walks and completing the home learning tasks like you. How many of you have done Joe Wick’s on YouTube every day at 9am? It’s a great workout to start your day. We are loving it! If you are busy at 9am you can catch up with it later in the day. 

Remember if anyone needs the resources printing to let the office know and we will get it printed and posted home for you. 

Keep safe and well at home.