Goodbye April and Hello May

posted 1 May 2020, 08:40 by Melanie Cokeham
Hi All

How are you? I hope you are all keeping safe and well. 
It has been lovely to talk to a few of you this week as Mr Campbell and I (and all the teachers in school) have started making phone calls to check in on you. We will hopefully have spoken to you all by next Friday so be ready to share your lockdown highlight. 

This week's highlight at The Cokeham House has been a creative project that Joe and I have been doing. Like you will be, I've been missing my Nan a lot and she is always full of hugs for me whenever we normally she her. So we've made a virtual hug to send to her in the post. 
We started by drawing around Joe on a rolled out piece of wallpaper. Then we used the collage technique to colour him in. Finally we cut him out. Can anyone guess the football kit? 

Why don't you have a go? It's lots of fun and a little messy. 

I finished April by completing my monthly 10km. However, it was very different this month. No big event with friends to take part in. Just like March I did it on the river bank by myself. Sadly I couldn't run is as I can't run or even walk the distance in one go for a few more weeks after damaging my ankle in that second week we were off school. Instead I did 4 walks of 2.5km. I was pleased to get faster every time and in less pain every time too. I'm looking forward to running again and completing May's 10km. I have got a medal. I entered a virtual race with donations going to the NHS. You can too byt registering here:

Here is my medal which can go on my new medals board when it arrives. 
How have you all been keeping active? Have you picked up any new skills? I had a lovely chat to Thomas and he told me about his new skipping and ball game skills. I want to play two ball which is the game Thomas was describing. Hopefully he will send a video so we can all learn how to play it. 

I hope you all have a good weekend at home and can get creative or active. 

Take care and stay safe.

Mrs Cokeham