Are you keeping active?

posted 30 Mar 2020, 01:50 by Melanie Cokeham
I hope you have all had a good weekend and have been good for your grown ups?

What daily exercise have you been doing?

Today, Joe and I have started the day with Joe Wicks. Have you tried it yet? Joe W does a PE lesson every morning at 9am live on YouTube - click the link and get active! 
Children and staff in school have been doing it and this week I will be doing it at home at 9am with Joe. If you aren't up early enough, you can watch them later in the day. 

Yesterday I did my 10km a month challenge. I didn't get a real medal this time as my event was cancelled so I had to run all by myself along the riverbank. A medal picture (see the picture file) was sent by a friend instead: just as cool. 

Maybe we should start a PE challenge where you can send in your results?

Have a good Monday. 
Melanie Cokeham,
30 Mar 2020, 01:50