Aliens have landed

posted 2 Apr 2020, 00:11 by Melanie Cokeham
Hi Everyone, 

Have you managed to explore the links that Mr Campbell shared yesterday? There really are some great free resources out there to keep you all busy while you are at home. 

I am going to be keeping Joe busy today because an alien has landed in our living room. We've got to find out where he comes from and send him safely back to his own planet by the end of the day. 

I am loving being creative and having time to draw with Joe. 

What activities have you enjoyed the most while you have been at home? Have you perfected your TicTok moves?

I've shared lots of fun and creative Easter/Spring tasks for over the Easter holiday period. There is also a task list for activities in preparation for VE Day. This links very nicely with our topic for next term. 

Enjoy the research and the Easter tasks - get creative. 

Take care and stay indoors!

Mrs Cokeham :) 
Melanie Cokeham,
2 Apr 2020, 00:11