Wednesday morning challenge.

posted 8 Apr 2020, 03:14 by Keiran Ellis
Good morning everyone! I hope you and your families are all well. What amazing weather we are having today! When we are off from school, it is really important to keep our bodies and minds active. I've been keeping my mind active by doing a lot of reading and also responding to some of  you on your Times Tables Rockstars challenges you have sent in. So now I would like to issue all of you a challenge. I've been practising my times table speed on Garage Mode and I have managed to achieve a score of 17 questions correct with an average time of 3.53 seconds spent on each question. Can any of you beat that? If you can please send in a screenshot of your scores and send them in! If any of you have forgotten/lost your TT Rockstars login, then just send an email and I will email you your login details :) I hope to see lots of you take me up on my challenge! 
Take care, 
Mr Ellis. 
Keiran Ellis,
8 Apr 2020, 03:14