Tuesday Catch Up

posted 14 Apr 2020, 05:35 by Jade Toop   [ updated 14 Apr 2020, 05:36 ]
Hope you've all had a great Easter weekend filled with chocolate! Did you all get some Easter eggs? I made brownies with my Easter eggs, they were yummier than they look. And here's a picture of my rabbit Smudge on Easter eating her dinner :) 

Just wanted to do a few shout outs of some amazing work/activities some of you have been up to. It's been great to hear from you, got children enjoying the activities, baking, gardening and having lots of fun, which is so nice to hear. This is Jack's amazing plane, from Hatchet and Cameron's great artwork of the front cover. Definitely a great topic - I loved it! Now our topic after Easter holiday's is Space (the best topic) and Esmai's already been preparing by making this fab rocket. 
Keep sending us the amazing things you're getting up to, or email even if you just fancy a chat. 

Missing you all, hope to see you all soon :) 

Jade Toop,
14 Apr 2020, 05:35