Reading Time

posted 1 Apr 2020, 04:58 by Jade Toop   [ updated 3 Apr 2020, 01:50 ]
Hope you're all ok, just thought I'd share this amazing reading website that has loads of free books for you to read online. 

Although being away from school is upsetting, I've enjoyed having some time to start reading a good book! I've been reading our new book ready for our Space topic next term, Phoenix by S.F. Said. I'm loving it and I've reread by Beauty and the Beast Book, by far my favourite - I'm a huge disney fan! 

Why don't you have a go at reading in different, crazy places - send me and Mr Ellis your pictures, we'd love to see what you're all getting up to :) email: 

Jade Toop,
1 Apr 2020, 04:58