posted 7 Apr 2020, 04:46 by Louise Sutton

So I was feeling a bit glum this morning, when I picked up an email that had come from a great composer of mine: Andrew Lloyd Webber and started with this:

 "With everybody spending more time at home, music and the arts are more important than ever. I have always believed that music can empower people, so this to me seems like the perfect opportunity for people to explore their creativity. After all, home is where the music is!"

 He then shared what he has been doing in his on self-isolation: a Sunday singalong, The show must go on Friday, some twitter play-offs and then continuing his work on Cinderella.

 Well it really cheered me up and got me thinking..... So I have embraced those amazing words and have been putting some of my creativity into practise! I have been creating some tap dance routines, and putting them to some fabulous music....A bit of Jailhouse Rock by Elvis Presley and some Hit the Road Jack by Peter James. I have been joining in with some sing-alongs, singing the top of my lungs... hairbrush style! Lastly I have decided to use some of the time to dedicate to my clarinet playing and I really to intend it up and play it more often. I've ordered a couple of new books so I can play along to the Cd, and I think I'm going to pick back up my keyboard playing.

 I'm really missing my netball but my love of music will really see me through these challenging times and I hope it will you too! Keep checking those activities for things to do, or feel free to email me with some specific activities you would like me to send you. I know a friend of mine has asked me if I will support her children in developing their music skills over the next couple of weeks, so I'm currently putting some ideas together and I will devise a plan! Maybe you have an instrument hidden away somewhere at home that you could teach yourself? Failing that just pick up a hairbrush and sing.....Just sing! 


Remember: Music is life, that's why our hearts have beats.