Friday check in & shout outs

posted 17 Apr 2020, 01:58 by Keiran Ellis
Happy Friday everyone! I hope we are all feeling well. Has anyone been up to anything exciting this week? I have been doing lots of walking to get my daily exercise, which has been particularly pleasant because of the lovely weather we've been having. As some of you will already know, I absolutely love maths and I was really pleased when Mrs Williams kindly sent me a link to some great maths home learning activities you can access online at: These activities are brilliant and will keep your mind occupied for at least an hour. If you get through these, then don't worry! There will be new home learning activities available from today. 
I'm sure you have all heard the news that the lock down is being extended for another three weeks. Although it can be a little boring, please remember that you're doing the right thing by staying at home. I have been super impressed with the work you have all done at home and Miss Toop and I are looking forward to seeing much more in the next three weeks :) 
I've attached some more brilliant work that has been sent in for you all to see. Jessica has created an amazing stop motion animation about a trip to space and Callum has completed an awesome piece of art work. I think Jessica and Callum will have to show us all how they did these when we're all back at school, they're so fantastic! 
Stay safe everyone. 
Mr Ellis. 

Keiran Ellis,
17 Apr 2020, 01:58
Jessica stop motion.mp4
Keiran Ellis,
17 Apr 2020, 01:58