Woodwind Lessons

posted 5 May 2020, 02:54 by Louise Sutton
Good morning,

I have put on another recorder play along. I thought as it was VE day on Friday you might like to have a go at God Save the Queen. It would be great if you could film yourself playing it and send it onto me - especially if you were out on your street or in the garden, taking part in the VE celebrations. I know the Doncaster Free Press have published an article with different activities to take part in at different times to have a street party, whilst observing social distancing. 

I have put the second Clarinet lesson on, from your Team Woodwind book, looking at the note G. There is a nice piece on the video to have a go at playing in harmony too. I would love to hear how you've gotten on with it. 

Don't forget if you would like a few lessons live then to drop me an email and we can arrange this, otherwise don't worry we will soon catch up! Have fun everyone and stay safe!

Mrs Sutton