Violin Lessons

posted 6 May 2020, 03:56 by Louise Sutton
There are exciting things happening within the Doncaster Music Service, to make sure we can keep up with our instrumental lessons, especially for those who are at loose end or want to use this time to 'keep up' or 'catch up' with their violin playing. The Music Service have sent emails out to some families offering some violin lessons with Mrs Barron- our usual Violin teacher, and I know some families have already received their email and have already had their first lesson! How exciting! If you haven't received an email and are interested in accessing these lessons then email me and I can speak to Mrs Barron. If you have received the email but are having difficulties then again please give me a shout and I will do my best to help and get things moving!

Also..... Keep looking on the Music service website because Mrs Barron has been filming some activities for you to do at home, linked to Grade 1 violin. They will be in the section 'We are Dartes'. I will keep checking to and let you know once they are available.

They also have a facebook page and twitter account for you to follow. 

Remember if you want anything not just violin, clarinet or recorder related then drop me an email:

Stay safe and let music come alive! 

Mrs Sutton