The Ickabog - Chapter 7

posted 24 Jun 2020, 04:31 by Lauren Richardson
Hello Year 4, 
Are we all enjoying the glorious sunshine? It's wonderful outside! 
Have any of you been doing anything exciting in the warm weather: a bike ride, a yummy picnic, maybe even a water fight in your garden? 

Last time in our story, we witnessed a fight in the palace courtyard which might have terrible consequences..,
Today, we are reading Chapter 7 - Lord Spittleworth tells tales! 
Remember you can read the chapter with me, here is the link:

The Ickabog- Chapter 7.MOV

I have attached the reading questions to this post and have suggested some fun drawing activities to illustrate this chapter as well, but feel free to come up with your own creative ideas. 
My three words to describe Lord Spittleworth are: mischievous, cunning and dishonest. Can you think of any better words? 

Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday and I will see you tomorrow for Chapter 8 - The Day of the Petition 

Happy Reading, 
Miss Richardson :) 
Lauren Richardson,
24 Jun 2020, 04:31