The Ickabog - Chapter 6

posted 23 Jun 2020, 04:28 by Lauren Richardson   [ updated 23 Jun 2020, 06:07 ]
Hello Year 4, 
I hope you are all well and ready for an exciting chapter of The Ickabog!!
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Today, we are reading Chapter 6 - The Fight in the Courtyard. 
Remember to read along with me if you can, here is the link:

The Ickabog- Chapter 6.MOV

WOW! That was an eventful chapter for Daisy and Bert! I have attached the reading questions to this blog post. 
I have also suggested some fun, drawing opportunities, or you can come up with something of your own to illustrate this chapter. 
Please do send your work or drawings to because I will feature it in one of these videos! 

Do not worry if you are a few chapters behind, you can find all these videos and questions by scrolling down through the blog or in the Reading 'The Ickabog' with Miss Richardson folder with the rest of the Year 4 Home Learning. 

See you tomorrow for Chapter 7 - Lord Spittleworth Tells Tales.. 
I wonder what Lord Spittleworth is up to this time?? 

Happy Reading, 
Miss Richardson :) 
Lauren Richardson,
23 Jun 2020, 04:28