The Ickabog - Chapter 2

posted 17 Jun 2020, 02:25 by Lauren Richardson   [ updated 17 Jun 2020, 02:27 ]
Hello Year 4! 
So far we have met King Fred the Fearless and his so-called friends Spittleworth and Flapoon. We have explored the five exciting cities of Cornucopia, including the mysterious Marshlands! 
If you missed Chapter 1, you can find it on the blog by scrolling down or in the 'Reading the Ickabog with Miss Richardson' folder in the Year 4 Home learning. 

Today, I am reading Chapter Two - The Ickabog! 
Remember to read along with me, here is a link to Chapter 2:

The Ickabog - Chapter 2.MOV

I have included some questions for you to answer about this exciting chapter and they are attached to this post. Additionally, I have added some fun, creative tasks for you to get involved with! 
I would love to see your drawings of the legendary Ickbog! Please send them to: and your artwork could feature in one of these videos! 
Remember, your artwork could be in the REAL Ickabog book! If you would like to learn more about the illustration competition, check out my previous post on the blog or follow this link:

See you tomorrow when we will be reading Chapter 3 - Death of the seamstress!

Happy Reading! 
Miss Richardson :)

Lauren Richardson,
17 Jun 2020, 02:25