The Ickabog - Chapter 12

posted 3 Jul 2020, 00:59 by Lauren Richardson
Today, we have a very exciting chapter, Chapter 12 - The King's Lost Sword!
So far, The King and his men have made it to the dangerous Marshlands in search of the Ickabog. Let see if they find it! 
If you would like to read along with me, here is the link:

Chapter 12.MOV

 Oh dear! That was a bit of a disaster! Do you think King Fred saw the terrible Ickabog? 
I have attached the reading questions and some drawing suggestions to illustrate this chapter. 

I wonder what will happen next in the eerie Marshlands. 
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I'll see you next week for the next chapter of The Ickabog. 

Happy Reading, 
Miss Richardson :) 
Lauren Richardson,
3 Jul 2020, 00:59