The Ickabog - Chapter 10

posted 30 Jun 2020, 08:01 by Lauren Richardson
Hello Year 4! 
So far in our story, King Fred has accepted a new quest! I wonder what will happen on his journey?

Today, we are reading Chapter 10 - King Fred's New Quest! 
If you would like to read along, here is the link:

Chapter 10.MOV

The-City-Within-The-City is very excited for King Fred's Quest. What do you think? Do you think he will be successful?
I have attached the reading questions to this blog post and the drawing suggestions to illustrate this chapter. 

Remember, this week is also our Virtual Sports Week! So check out the previous blog post to get involved :) 
Have a wonderful Tuesday. 
Happy Reading, 
Miss Richardson :) 
Lauren Richardson,
30 Jun 2020, 08:01