Play/ Sing Along

posted 5 Jun 2020, 04:30 by Louise Sutton
If you check the performing arts folder you will see we have added:

* clarinet play along - Star Wars
* recorder play along - Ode to Joy
* Sing along - Beauty & Beast

I have tried the sing along and its a good challenging one to get your teeth into! There is no melody line at all in the instrumental track, so have a go - don't give up, it's perfect for when no one is listening, then remember to show it off when you can do it! I have included the sheet music, as a great singing skill is to be able to sing from the sheet music - it also helps whilst learning to sing it with the instrumental track, as you can follow the piano part and try and work out where to come in or where you will get your note from!

Have fun!

Miss Galloway & Mrs Sutton