Calling all our Singers!

posted 4 Jun 2020, 02:32 by Louise Sutton
So this morning I decided to have a music morning, what are you doing? Whilst making my recorder play along and recording my clarinet lessons I had this great idea that I would create some sing-alongs! When I took on my role at Sandringham as the music teacher, I realised I needed to start singing again, and despite achieving my grade 5 a few years ago - I suddenly realised how out of tune, and well to tell you the truth, how 'bad' I was!!!! Fortunately it's like riding a bike, and your ear and vocal chords soon adapt, although I'm not sure I'll get back to the standard I was - I used to also enjoy singing for the Doncaster Choral Society too. Anyway there are some really amazing singers at Sandringham and in this time away from our lessons and choir I needed to get you singing again so that you don't lose the muscles you've developed in your vocal chords. Have fun! Let me know what you think.

Keep an eye out you will find them on the performing arts page. I will provide the vocal track, the music and then an accompaniment. Please keep singing! 

Miss Galloway & Mrs Sutton