Shout Out

posted 22 Apr 2020, 04:17 by Louise Sutton
A shout out to Jacob who has clearly been on the performing arts page and found the recorder play along - Old Town Road. He did such an amazing job at playing such a difficult tune. It was lovely that he videoed himself as it meant I could give him some tips on how to progress. Well done Jacob!

How many of you play the recorder? You can join in the play along too. Video yourself and send it onto me! I will be able to find out who my recorder players will be once you move into Y4. I've already signed Jacob up!

A quote for you: Music is life and that's why our hearts have beats! Did you know music has such a feel good factor too - It can really lift your mood, so go on have a go: play the recorder, do some singing or take a look at the performing arts tasks! 

Have Fun

Mrs Sutton
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Brenda Shaw,
22 Apr 2020, 06:42