Maths Learning

posted 17 Apr 2020, 02:28 by Brenda Shaw
Next weeks maths home learning is all about understanding, comparing and ordering fractions. There are five activities for you to have a go at, one for each day, on the home learning page. 
There are also use some ideas for fraction activities on the Maths with Parents site. 
For additional support you can find some really great video lessons and activities at    Try lessons 3 and 4 on here as they fit in with our focus for this week about ordering and comparing fractions. We will be looking at equivalent fractions the following week so save  Lessons 1 and 2 on this site until then!
Please let us know if you have any problems and don't forget to send photos of any work you do which you are especially proud of.

Hope you enjoy it !

Mrs Shaw and Mrs Sunley