posted 9 Jul 2020, 03:37 by Patricia Freitas   [ updated 9 Jul 2020, 03:39 ]
  • Massive shout out to Harleen and Olivia in Lizard class for sending in their keep healthy posters! I'm very impressed with both. I specially like how Harleen used NHS superheroes and how Olivia did an acrostic poem. Fantastic work girls!

  • Olivia also sent in pictures of her newly born, very cute ducklings and of some of the sports week activities she did!

  • Arion sent some pictures of his work. I'm impressed with how hard he tries to do his work all the time, you are an inspiration!

Thank you all for keeping in touch, I love to hear from you!

Look forward to speaking to all one more time before the Summer holidays.
Take care and stay safe.
Miss Freitas