Happy 75th VE Day

posted 8 May 2020, 01:29 by Patricia Freitas   [ updated 8 May 2020, 01:51 ]
Good morning Year 2,

First of all, I hope you enjoyed our message to you! Have you not seen it?! Mr Metcalfe posted it in our blog, just scroll down! :)

Shout out to Sim who has already sent us a picture of her VE Day bunting, have a look and get inspired. :)

Well done to the children doing the Maths with Parents activities, it's nice to see more Lizards getting involved!

Next week's home learning will be uploaded later today, ready for Monday (6. wb 04 May). If you have any questions about it just email us.

Take care everyone.
Still missing you lots!!
Miss Freitas
Patricia Freitas,
8 May 2020, 01:29