Apology but Wow!

posted 1 Jun 2020, 02:15 by Louise Sutton
Firstly, I must apologise to all the grown-ups for all the performing arts activities I'm setting, which means you have to get involved, whether that be dancing, singing, acting or being the camera woman/man! 

It's one of those sorry but not sorry! I am absolutely loving it! My morning was brightened instantly when I received an email from Olivia and Annabelle... they have put on a Friday night show and better still to one of my favourite bands: Abba.

Olivia was the lead dancer, with Annabelle on lead vocals and oh my have those girls got voice and moves! It was absolutely fantastic. The passion they demonstrated through the whole number was exemplary,  so I'm interested to know dad's and grandad's thoughts. Was that a 'yawn' dad? 

Fantastic girls. I can see a place for you on the stage!

Thank you for a great start to my week. Keep them coming.

Mrs Sutton