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  • Thank you! Hello Chameleon ClassI just wanted to share a big thank you for all the lovely pictures and videos you sent in for Mrs Williams. She loved it. It made ...
    Posted 15 Jul 2020, 23:44 by Melanie Cokeham
  • Sandringham's Got Talent: The Results Wow! What a lovely afternoon we've had listening to and watching lots of fabulous entries to our Sandringham's Got Virtual Talent! Firstly we would like to say a ...
    Posted 15 Jul 2020, 14:25 by Louise Sutton
  • Transition Week Good Morning Year 2The transition folder will go live this week with activities from your new class teachers.Until then could you use a mirror to draw a self ...
    Posted 14 Jul 2020, 03:13 by Lauren Watts
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Thank you!

posted 15 Jul 2020, 23:44 by Melanie Cokeham

Hello Chameleon Class

I just wanted to share a big thank you for all the lovely pictures and videos you sent in for Mrs Williams. She loved it. It made her smile to see your smiling faces and hear you lovely words. 

Thank you for making something so special for Mrs Williams. 

Here is the finished video for you all to see. 

Mrs Williams Leaving Video.mp4

Have a wonderful summer and see you in September when you arrive in Year 3!

Mrs Cokeham 

Sandringham's Got Talent: The Results

posted 15 Jul 2020, 14:25 by Louise Sutton

Wow! What a lovely afternoon we've had listening to and watching lots of fabulous entries to our Sandringham's Got Virtual Talent! Firstly we would like to say a HUGE thankyou and a MASSIVE well done to everyone that sent us in their entries. They were all FABULOUS and made it a very difficult job judging. We split the entries into three groups: KS1, LKS2 and UKS2 and oh my goodness Year 3 and 4 you absolutely rock!!! You blew our socks off and it is clear that this is where the greatest talent lies at Sandringham and there is still some years to develop the amazing skills you already have the roots of, especially those with hidden talents that we didn't even know about.

So the moment you have all been waiting for:

KS1 winner: Sophia

Runners up (in no particular order) Olivia, Taylor, Jassimrit

LKS2 winner:  Jonatan

Runners up (in no particular order): Olivia, Imogen, Evie, Annabelle

UKS2 Winner: Callum

Runners Up (in no particular order): Cameron, Oliver, Jack

Your certificates will be emailed to you and trophy for the winners and medals for the runners up will be received, when we look forward to congratulating you properly in September. 

We were also really impressed with some other entries, so look out for a postcard in the post!

We would like to say a huge well done and thank you to everyone that entered and look forward to making the contest bigger and better next year!

Have a fabulous summer

Lots of Love 

Mrs Sutton and Miss Galloway.

Transition Week

posted 14 Jul 2020, 03:13 by Lauren Watts

Good Morning Year 2

The transition folder will go live this week with activities from your new class teachers.

Until then could you use a mirror to draw a self portrait for your new teacher? You could send a photo when the new class emails go live so that they know what you look like.

Keep safe,

Mrs Watts

Sandringham's Got Talent

posted 13 Jul 2020, 10:39 by Louise Sutton

I've been smiling from ear to ear all day today, as more and more entries have come through for our Sandringham's Got Talent. I've even had entries from some children who sit really quiet in our performing arts lessons!! It's been lovely to see the confidence...maybe we should do more things virtually, as its been so lovely to find some hidden talents, that I didn't know many of you had! I am already excited about being able to teach you again, and see how much you've grown, and developed and really looking forward to helping you ooze in confidence, once we can start our performing arts lessons again.

So if you haven't already it's not too late to send your entry in - I've had singing, dancing, instrumental playing and even some music skills related 'work' - keep sending them in, you have until 12pm on Wednesday, then look out on the blog for the winners, who will get certificates and a prize!

Mrs Sutton 

A Message from Mrs Williams

posted 9 Jul 2020, 10:31 by Chris Metcalfe

Dance and Music Festival

posted 9 Jul 2020, 05:53 by Louise Sutton

Last week I posted about Sandringham's Got Talent - virtual talent show and have asked you to send in your entries by video. Well today I have received a flyer about the trust holding a virtual arts festival wanting to celebrate the talent we have not just at Sandringham but also across the trust so my challenge to you is how many entries can we submit as a school? I've already a few from Y6, some from Y2 and a couple from Y4 so I'm really excited just to see how much hidden talent we really have at Sandringham! Remember to email your entries to or share then with the Trust@ExceedLP


posted 9 Jul 2020, 03:37 by Patricia Freitas   [ updated 9 Jul 2020, 03:39 ]

  • Massive shout out to Harleen and Olivia in Lizard class for sending in their keep healthy posters! I'm very impressed with both. I specially like how Harleen used NHS superheroes and how Olivia did an acrostic poem. Fantastic work girls!

  • Olivia also sent in pictures of her newly born, very cute ducklings and of some of the sports week activities she did!

  • Arion sent some pictures of his work. I'm impressed with how hard he tries to do his work all the time, you are an inspiration!

Thank you all for keeping in touch, I love to hear from you!

Look forward to speaking to all one more time before the Summer holidays.
Take care and stay safe.
Miss Freitas

Good Morning

posted 8 Jul 2020, 03:43 by Lauren Watts

Hello Year 2.

It has been lovely to speak to some of you this week and hear how excited you are about your classes for next year.  

Please do send us some of your lock down memories and acrostic poems from your home learning this week, we would love to see them. 

Today is rather rainy so I would like to hear about your favourite rainy day activities. Maybe you like to make a den, get cosy and read a book or get your wellies on and go for a rainy walk.

 Let us know what you are up to on days like today through the class email.

Keep safe
Mrs Watts

Virtual Sports Day

posted 6 Jul 2020, 04:00 by Lauren Watts

Hello Year 2

I hope you all enjoyed the weekend.

Thank you to everyone who joined in with the virtual sports week, our points have been collected and we will announce the results soon. 

Don't forget to send your goodbye messages for Mrs Williams by the end of this week if you would like to take part. 

Keep safe,

Mrs Watts

A little surprise. Sssshhh!! Don't tell Mrs Williams!

posted 4 Jul 2020, 14:45 by Melanie Cokeham   [ updated 6 Jul 2020, 09:47 by Chris Metcalfe ]

 Happy Weekend Year 2, Mrs Cokeham here.

I hope you are all well?

Hopefully, you will have all seen the letter from Mr Metcalfe this week that told you that Mrs Williams would not be in school in September. I am sure you are feeling a wave of emotions linked to the news and I am very sorry to be sharing such news with you all. We are looking forward to seeing you back in Year 3 and are getting things ready for your return with your new class teachers. 

As Mrs Williams is leaving and you are not all at school to say goodbye, I wondered if we could make her a surprise thank you, goodbye and good luck video. A little bit like the staff at Sandringham did for you earlier on in lockdown.
I wondered if you could all send me a picture of you with a thank you, or a goodbye or a good luck message or a video of you so I can put them together into one big video with some lovely music to make her smile and cry all at the same time. 
It will be a lovely keepsake for Mrs Williams and I will share it on the class page when it is complete so you all have it as a lovely memory too.  

Parents and children here is the plan:
1. Decide if you would like to send a picture message or a video. 
2. Create your video or take a picture. Please make sure you are dressed appropriately and show Mrs Williams your best behaviour. 
3. Email the complete clip or picture to (so it comes to Mrs Cokeham in Year 6). 
By emailing in the picture or video parents will be giving permission for the picture or video to be used to create the video for Mrs Williams. The video will be something for Mrs Williams to treasure privately and will only be shared through the school website so all the Year 2 children can see the end outcome. 
The clips/pictures and final video will be stored on school devices and deleted appropriately. 

Please can all entries be sent in by Friday 10th July. 

I hope lots of you would like to take part as the more of you that do the better it will be. 

If you have any questions of problems, please contact Mrs Cokeham - or give me a call in school time. 

Thank you. 
Have a lovely weekend.
Mrs Cokeham 

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